GETSPEED BUILDING & renovation services

Getspeed Plumbing & Building based in Pretoria, has been providing a full range of building and renovation services covering all trades in the Pretoria region for a number of years. Whether you are building a new home, adding a new extension, renovating an existing property or just general maintenance we can provide all the services you may need.

Getspeed plumbing & Building – has an excellent customer understanding and are commitment to providing a high quality service to meet all of our customers needs.

GETSPEED BUILDING quality services:

Home & Business Fencing

Paint & Damp & Waterproofing

Home Improvement Services


Tiling Works

Steel Work & Welding

Painting Quotes

Carports & Shades

Garage Convertions

New Projects

Renovation Of Old Projects

Garage Installations & Repairs


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